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Checking for "on-track" weeks

posted Oct 23, 2014, 10:13 AM by Micah Mobley
We try to break each of the credits needed, down into more manageable chunks, based on weekly and daily targets.  

Students can earn a point in our Edge Point system, by having an "On-Track Week".  To be on track for a single day, the student must be here and be on time.  (On time means at their station, logged on, checked in, and  ready to begin by the session start time.)  They must also complete their needed number of lessons for their respective classes.  
If a student has an on track week (meaning they were here and on time every day, AND they completed all assigned lessons to move them back toward on track diploma, then they earn a point. 

The link here will get you access to a document that should simplify the question of whether or not they are on track.  A red space means that they are not on track for that category for the day.  The green space means that they are on track for the day.  String a series of those together and they will be looking at an on-track week.  

Note:  The link can also be found in our Useful Links page.