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Edge Students Return to EPS on the 31st

posted Jan 30, 2013, 6:54 AM by Micah Mobley
Tomorrow morning (January 31st) we begin our community service partnership with Edgewood Primary School.  Instead of meeting at the Edge, our students need to meet at EPS at 7:50.  

We will make an impression on our partners, we hope to ensure it is a positive one by being there well in advance of our scheduled start time.  

Dress to Impress (Does not have to be a tuxedo, but think about what you would wear to an interview, to present yourself as a mature, responsible young adult)
If you are uncertain about what kinds of things would be fitting, then ask.  Or you could do a Google search for "business casual" or business attire, to get a feel for it.  
  • Everyone:  Something other than jeans or other pants with any holes, stains, etc. (Khakis or dress pants will do just fine).  
  • Guys:  Pants up; shirt should have a collar (a polo or button up); Belts, Shoes, Tie etc. should all coordinate (Guys you dont HAVE to have a tie, but you can)
  • Girls:  Covered up, nice blouse/top, nice pants (no tights-only gear), skirt (no minis...keep em to/past the knee).  You are not going to 'da club...we are walking into a professional setting with other professionals.  
Be awake and alert.
Cell phones OFF when you walk in.  Dont want to see it, hear it vibrate, or hear the latest jam you whipper snappers are bobbin' to now-a-days!

Stand in the integrity of our word.  You are making a commitment to do something to give back.  You have the chance to make a positive impact on the lives of the people in the school.  Do not take this opportunity and the responsibility that comes with it lightly.  

Lets make the right start, by being there ready to go at 7:50.