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posted Feb 25, 2015, 3:57 PM by Micah Mobley
With the end of the school year coming into view, we are looking at what comes after high school.  For most of our students that will include some form of continuing education, be it through a four year degree, a two year degree, or a shorter more specific professional certificate.  In order to make that more of a possibility, the FAFSA form is required (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  This is a form that is required to receive ANY form of financial aid (grants, scholarships, student loans, including 21st Century Scholars).    All of our students are required to fill it out, and get a PIN.  To be clear, that does not mean that they are absolutely going to college.  What it does is open the door, should they choose to go down that route following graduation.  To be clear, there is no negative outcome to completing this, only potential thousands of dollars at stake towards training for a career path.

Due to the sensitive financial nature of some of the info needed to complete the forms, students were given the opportunity to complete this at their own convenience at home over the past few weeks.  Since it has not been done on their own, we will be completing the forms here at school.  What we can offer is to fill everything out here, without the needed info from the W-2 tax forms.  Parents can make arrangements to either complete the rest of the form at home, or to come into the building and have a private laptop on which to fill in that information on their own.  Our staff does not wish to pry into the personal financial details.  We simply want to ensure that our students are equipped to take the next steps in their career paths, and this crucial form is a major piece to that puzzle since it provides the funds for continuing education.  

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this vital piece to the career path puzzle, please feel free to contact on of our staff members at (812) 876-7926, or email me at  Thank you for supporting our program's mission, by helping us with this important documentation.

Mr. Micah Mobley
Director, The Edge Alternative School