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Final Grading Period reminders

posted Apr 6, 2015, 8:56 AM by Micah Mobley
Remember that we still have quite a bit of stuff to take care of these last weeks. 

  • If you are working for ICE credits, you must  have all documentation, meet the hours requirement, AND end up with evaluation forms that rate you above 80% or higher. Do the quantity of hours, but be the best employee you can be.  Develop a good habit now, and ensure yourself that you have the credits. 
  • We've been through this a time or two...we know that when you wait to do something later, the stress increases when later arrives.  Get it all done soon.  Do not wait until the last minute. 
  • If you have not hit your credit requirement for the year or for the quarter, summer school may be discussed as a requirement for re-enrollment.  There is really no good reason for anyone to be earning less than three or four credits in a full term, and 7 or 8 in a semester.