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First EPS day, next Wednesday

posted Aug 13, 2014, 8:17 AM by Micah Mobley
This year's Edge group has already begun to work toward their Career Development goals, and their Credit Attainment goals.  We will now begin working toward our Community Service goals.  Next Wednesday (August 20th) we will spend a portion of the morning session at the primary school.  

Dress needs to be professional.  No hats, holes, cleavage, undergarments, etc.  Guys should have shirts with collars, and be wearing khakis or slacks (no jeans).  Girls should have pants or skirts that are on the long side (no mini-skirts), and shoulders should be covered. If tights are worn, it must have a full skirt over them.  A long sweater or shirt is not appropriate for this situation.  

Meet at the Edge at 8:00.
We will spend the first part of the day working in our building, and will go to EPS together.  We will have a tour, and meet our cooperating teachers, and go over building rules/procedures.  Once we are done there, we will return to the Edge to finish out our session.