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Monday Starter

posted Jan 11, 2015, 10:19 PM by Micah Mobley
  1. Congratulations to April and Krysten, for getting the first credits of 2015!  
  2. Edge points to the following folks for On-Track Weeks last week.  (Tristan, Bruce, Sebastian)
  3. Edge point to Sebastian for earning the most Dojo points last week (20 points).  He was OVER target on just about every day, and had an incredible focus on the task at hand.  Kudos to you Sebastian!
  4. Kleenex and Pencils.  We are in need, and will really need them in the coming weeks...please get them in.
  5. Paperwork Items
    1. We will do graduation checks this week.  Each student should have a credit wrapped up by the end of this week
    2. There are some folks who actually still need to submit a full application.  I will address those cases individually.  
  6. JOURNAL for 1/12/15:  "What do you think it means to live and work in a culture that appreciates diversity?"  Please have your answer checked for completion before we start our day.