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Prep for tomorrow

posted Aug 19, 2015, 6:18 AM by Micah Mobley
Wednesday will usually be our EPS day.  Before we begin that though, we need to go up to the school tomorrow (Thursday).  We will be meeting with Mr. Pittsford and Mrs. Whitaker.  It is unlikely that we will be able to meet with teachers at this point, but we will go through some of the rules and procedures for the time we spend up there.  Dress should be professional, like you are going to an interview. 

Girls: Tops covered (no cleavage, no shoulders), skirts etc. need to be knee length or longer.   Tights/leggins are only permitted with a skirt that meets their requirement.  

Guys: Pants up, shirts should have a collar and should be tucked in.  Belt should match shoes. 

ALL students:  Khakis or simple slacks are fine.  Polo style shirts are fine. 

REMEMBER: NO jeans, no holes in clothes, no smoke.

If you do not have stuff that is appropriate, that is not a problem, but you need to let one of us know that you need some help getting good interview outfits together and we will get you set up.