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Starter for Monday

posted Feb 24, 2014, 4:48 AM by Micah Mobley
For today, I would like for you to think back to the awesome discussion we had on Friday.  (You guys had some really insightful things to say).  

Think specifically about the neural-pathways portion of the presentation.  Remember that our thoughts eventually lead to action.  Repeated thoughts lead to repeated actions. And those repeated thoughts and actions end up creating habits, both in action and in ways of thinking.  

Your task today is two-fold, and you need a new sheet of paper to add to your binder.  (You should be keeping all of our Career Development work in chronological order in your binder, so put today's date on this sheet). 

First, think about something that you have told yourself, which has become a roadblock to your success.  It could be an excuse that you jump to too easily, which leads to you giving up when things get tough.  It could be something negative that you have told yourself too many times, so that it has become a part of your personality.  Write down a summary of your situation and what it is that you have allowed yourself to think/believe about your own ability.

Second, write a summary of what you want to change about your thinking and/or belief about yourself.  Give a small summary of the new neural-pathway that you want to develop.  What are you going to tell yourself, when you start hearing the "old habit" creeping in?  And what is going to come out of you thinking about yourself in a new, more positive way?