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Tuesday 11-18

posted Nov 17, 2014, 5:53 PM by Micah Mobley
We have a few items to cover this morning.
  1. Monday was the first day this entire school year, that 100% of our group was present, on-time, and completed all work goals.  There have only been a handful of days that we have had the 100% attendance, and on those days we have had individuals who have not met work goals.  This could be viewed one of two ways.  We either A) are not doing very well, if it took us this long to have such a day; or B) (and this is how I choose to view this) we have finally started to figure out the right approach to our work.  Now, lets follow that up with another solid day today.
  2. Devon was our highest Dojo point total in our first day using it fully.  Congratulations to him for starting the week off so strong. 
  3. With the recent weather, i want to throw a reminder out there about delays and cancellations.  If RBB is cancelled, so are we.  If RBB calls for a delay, we are delayed as well.  The only difference is that on a delay day we start at 9:30.

I would like for you to write the following in your journal, as preparation for today's Career Development activity.  
1) Where am I right now? (I know it sounds strange, but simply explain where I am at the moment you are reading this.)
2) Where are you right now?  
I know that may not make much sense right away, but I think it will later.  Be detailed in your answer.  Describe the locations as though someone who were not familiar with the building could walk in, read these directions and know who I am and who you are.