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Tuesday Dismissal and a couple of other things.

posted Feb 4, 2014, 10:27 AM by Micah Mobley   [ updated Feb 4, 2014, 10:54 AM ]
The coming snow storm has resulted in an early dismissal today, Tuesday the 4th.  
Since we are at EPS today and their dismissal is 2:15, our students who drive or ride with a friend are dismissing at that time too.  
The handful that was riding a bus was at the high school by 1:30.  
Stay tuned for any announcements about Wednesday.  Should there be any cancellations or delays, most everyone still has work that they can complete on their own.  

Brandon just wrapped up the 10th credit so far this semester, for the group.  Despite some delays and closings, this group has shown marked improvement in lesson completion.  A much better focus during the school day has been a major factor in that improved pace.  A contributing factor too though, has been a number of people following through and completing assigned homework.  Please remember that whatever lessons are not completed during the school day, are assigned to be completed as homework.  

Congratulations to the students who have made a great impression on the faculty, staff, students, and parents, in our time at EPS.  There have been a number of compliments in the couple of days this semester.  Our students have shown up looking sharp, are certainly helping in their respective classrooms, are respectful to their teachers and staff.  All in all they are making a positive impact, and is something to be proud of.