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Tuesday Morning Announcements

posted Jan 14, 2014, 4:59 AM by Micah Mobley
  1. If we have 11 students on our roster, we should have 22 sign-ups for the announcements.  (Right now there are 9).  Sign up with your school email AND your one that you use outside of school.

  1. We still want to set up a Microsoft Live account.  It may take some time for the I.T. department to get it squared away, but we are working on it, so that you could have access to the sign in page from here. In the mean time, you could create one from home.  Here is a link to it

  1. Everyone will do credit maps today to start
    1. How many courses do you have left? (I mean computer-based courses to complete).
    2. Go to the first course you are working on.  Go to the syllabus. (In Appendix A)
    3. Check the number of quizzes and tests.
    4. Divide that number by 10 (there are 10 school days in two weeks). 
      1. Or divide by 15  if you are working on an approved 3-week course (most English courses).
    5. Round that number UP (because you have to account for the Tuesdays when you will be short one session).
    6. THAT should be the number of quizzes/tests that need to be completed EACH DAY.  
    7. Any quizzes that you don't complete that day are the assigned homework, to be completed that night.
      1. We will check progress at the end of each day, before breaking for chores.