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Career Development Thanks

posted Mar 28, 2013, 6:45 AM by Micah Mobley
We all create the lives we live...whether we recognize that or not. The students at the Edge continue to be introduced to some various ways to influecne that creation in a positive way.  They have taken a couple of field trips recently that have increased awareness of possible ways to create the lives of their choosing.
Over the past two weeks our students have had the opportunity to explore post secondary school and immediate entry to the workforce.  As our students search the options for their career path, we were fortunate to have the folks at IU Admissions and at Cook Pharmica take the time to help our students explore our areas largest college and our areas largest employer.  At IU we got the chance to see the wide variety of possiblities that comes with a major university being located in our back yard.  Their student leaders shared what the college experience might offer.  At Cook Pharmica we got a glimpse of the inner workings in a real-life, successful company.  Their employees shared their personal experiences, and had some valuable questions and suggestions for our young adults.  We also took the opportunity to practice some business lunch etiquitte at O'Charley's.  We will continue to explore some different options, including Ivy Tech and some other smaller schools, as well as some military options so that our students will graduate knowing that they have choices in which career path they choose. 
We will share some more details as we get some put together, but we would like to thank Cook Pharmica, IU Admissions, and O'Charlies.  Also, a big thanks to Amanda Adhami, for doing a lot of the leg work to pull these trips together.  Thank you to our students.  You guys showed up ready to go, were dressed professionally, carried yourselves as mature young adults, and left a good impression with the folks we were working with. 
We will surely have more to share in the coming weeks.