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Day 2, Kids already thinking

posted Aug 14, 2013, 7:29 AM by Micah Mobley
Working through the Government coursework can be a daunting task for some kids, and is one that many students roll their eyes at...that is, until they get into it.  Today we saw our first example of how it can light a fire when they get engaged.  A student who was working diligently for the first couple of hours this morning, suddenly blurted out, "Aggh.  The government makes me so mad!"  At first, I thought she was mad that she was going through the Government class...but no, she was upset because she, " paying taxes to have people who don't work, sit at home, buy alcohol or drugs!"  

At this point we were able to get the whole group engaged in a discussion that centered on the balance between security and freedom; and between the need for support and the need for oversight.  We discussed the way that individuals' rights are involved in such a situation. Should they be drug-tested to be on WIC?  Does testing like that constitute a violation of rights?  How would enforcement of that policy impact kids involved in these situations?  What about the people who are NOT abusing the system? 

It was  wonderful teachable moment, in which we saw kids get into the content of the course and start making the connections between school and the real-world.  Just thought it was awesome to see them all get into it the way that they did.  The moments are there.  We just gotta keep our eyes open to see them.