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Sometimes the smallest act can make a big impact

posted Dec 17, 2013, 9:58 PM by Micah Mobley   [ updated Dec 18, 2013, 5:37 AM ]

In our final day at Edgewood Primary School for the semester, I had a student’s cooperating teacher share a small tid-bit that really made my day.  This teacher regularly has a mountain of paperwork for their student to help keep the classroom running smoothly.  Today’s assignment has become pretty routine for them…laminate and cut out a big stack of work that the teacher uses for their students’ schedules and daily academic activities. Upon receiving the work assignment for the day, the student asked some follow-up questions that revealed the true, helpful nature that our students reveal in these volunteer placement experiences.  When told that they needed to laminate a stack of papers, this individual asked the teacher if she would like them cut and sorted.  The teacher’s reply was that it would simply be a big enough help to get the actual laminating done for her.  Many people might simply take that and go.  But this student responded with a show of a genuine desire to do the right thing.  The question was, “well, is it going to be MORE work for you if I actually cut it all, or LESS work for you if I actually cut it all?”  When the teacher replied that it would be less work for her if he actually did it, his response: “Well, then I’ll cut them all out too.”


When we see our students doing things like this, it affirms our belief in the good that they are capable of.  It helps to affirm our belief that these young adults are capable of doing the right thing, even if it may mean a more difficult road to travel.  The teacher has commented multiple times about the helpfulness and politeness of this individual, and this was simply the latest in that line...and it never gets old.  Kudos to the teachers at EPS for the work they do, and for working with our students and giving them the forum to display and develop this side of their character.  Kudos to one of our students for taking a small opportunity to do the right thing, and in the process, reaffirming my belief in our students' capability to do right by themselves by helping others.