Working Every Day Towards Diplomas and the Opportunity for a Better Future!

Credits, Careers, Community

Our goal is for each student to earn their diploma in such a way as to be prepared for a successful transition to life after high school. When young adults learn to set goals, develop work habits, be accountable, and put forth genuine best effort, good things start to happen. 


First and foremost, students at the Edge are working to earn their diplomas on time.  Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone has the opportunity to learn from them.  This program is an opportunity for students to correct past decisions, and/or overcome circumstances that have made on-time graduation seem out of reach. 

Here, our students will grow and mature as people, and work to earn their way through.  Edge students have an opportunity to take a different approach to earn credits that were previously lost.  Students take ownership of their own education, their school building, their school community, and their lives.  No longer are they counting on someone else to do this for them.  They have made a choice that their lives are going to be made better by their actions.  A diploma is not the end result, but just a step in that direction. 


In addition to their academic work, Edge students will prepare for a successful transition to a career path after graduation.  Students might choose to enter the workforce immediately.  Others might wish to continue their education at a post-secondary institution.  Others still might choose to serve honorably in the military.  Edge students will graduate from high school knowing that they will have worked through the options and will be making an informed choice about their path, rather than being stuck in one.  Edge students will have real-life experiences that will help them be successful as they advance through whichever path they choose. 


Edge students give back to the community that has supported them in their walk to the graduation ceremony.  The Richland Bean Blossom community supports our schools, supports our program, and supports our kids.   The reality is that the better educated and the more responsible our citizens are, the more stable, safe, and positive our community will be.  No one in our community is totally independent of everyone else.  A safe, healthy, and close-knit community like ours requires that it's citizens (of all ages) do their part to help foster that atmosphere.   Edge students recognize the nature of this two-way street and will be involved in some sort of service to the community.